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Licensing SCO 5.0.5 on ML350 Server

Jerry Leinsing
Frequent Advisor

Licensing SCO 5.0.5 on ML350 Server

I need a clarification about changing the primary SCO OpenServer Enterprise License.

We usually integrate SCO with our proprietary VU-ACD MIS product on Compaq/HP servers.

We did two ML350 servers at the same time a few years ago. After dialing in to give support, I noticed that one had not been registered so I helped him register and now he is seeing warning messages about a duplicate license somewhere on their network.

We are just now finding that we put the same SCO OpenServer Enterprise [5.0.5] license on both servers but the customers didn't register them.
I checked with both customers and had them dig out all the support material we sent with each machine. Each has a unique authentic product ID card but sure enough we typed in the wrong license number on the other system.

Before I messed with this states 911 running system, I tested the process by trying to re-license one of our test systems using the following.
Using scoadmin license, I removed my original license then I added the Tulsa license. I did not specifically relink the kernel. It didn't suggest that I should.
I noticed there were all sorts of gripes in syslog.
I rebooted and didn't see anything bad.
I use brand -L and see the 911 license number my customer read to me from his sheet and the one I originally had is now gone.
All appears to be good but of course I did not register this license because I need to put mine back on.
Is this the proper technique? We have never had this happen to us before so we have no proven notes on it.
Any suggestions for a better, more trustworthy way?