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Ligh status on DL165 SAS Harddrives

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Kai Zemke
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Ligh status on DL165 SAS Harddrives

i have a simple question. We just bought two DL165 G6 serves with SAS hardrives.
On one disk there is a orange light turned on. On all other disk there is just the green light flashing from time to time.
My question is, is this orange light indicating some kind of problem? Or why is it turned on only on one disk?
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Re: Ligh status on DL165 SAS Harddrives

orange light indicates disk predictive failture

get the disk model nr go hp .com search

search under drivers and firmware with hp disk model nr not spare number,, model has this type of format BF14684970

find firmware update if it work fine if not

then do the following

)TO Perform the offline diagnostics test.

Download the tool:
HP Insight Diagnostics Offline Edition performs various in-depth system and component testing while the operating system is not running, and is available by booting the Diagnostics CD. This can be downloaded from the following link.

nOW Save the System Survey report with â View Levelâ = Advanced and Category = ALL.

now open this file open a search box with ctrl +f search for prefailed should show the failed disk also look for hardwrite errors means the disk is on way out and HP will change it for you

enjoy and good luck Kai

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Re: Ligh status on DL165 SAS Harddrives

hi Kai as you are new to the forums

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