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Linux adlagent - NIC Bonding

Occasional Advisor

Linux adlagent - NIC Bonding

Upgraded from RDP 2.1 to 2.2 - I understand there maybe a problem with the adlagent for Linux when nic bonding is configured on a Linux machine. When the client sends the inventory up to the database, it is grabbing the ifconfig from eth0 and eth1 NOT bond0 as it should. As a result, bogus data gets added to the 'nic_interface' table in the database, and the Deployment Console GUI chokes on it.

Every time it refreshes, an error dialog pops up saying "Error converting data type varchar to bigint". It pops up over and over, making the console unusable

Someone else has also reported this on the Altiris forum, but as yet with no reply.

Any ideas - Please