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Linux won't see RAID array on Adaptec AAA-130

David Burch_3
Occasional Contributor

Linux won't see RAID array on Adaptec AAA-130

Thanks to those who helped get my Proliant 800 to boot. Hard as it is to imagine, I've now uncovered another problem.

The Mandrake 9.2 installation routine does not see my RAID 1 array. It complains that the partition table is corrupt, and makes that complaint separately for each of my drives, describing them as physical drives sda and sdb. The disk partition utility shows the two drives instead of one RAID array.

I'm using an Adaptec AAA-130U2 PCI RAID controller in a Proliant 800. I know that the RAID card is working because my SCSI drives are visible on boot, and I am able to install and use the Compaq utilities partition. Mandrake appears to load the SYMx853 and AIC-7815 drivers.

Any ideas? Thanks.