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Lit'l Help with ACUCLI commands

todd bailey

Lit'l Help with ACUCLI commands

Hi All,



I just added a new drive to a MSA30/SA 6400 ctrl.  I would like to migrate the raid 5 array to raid 6.


I tried a simple modify


Ctrl SN=xxxxx LD 3 modify raid=6 but all I get is a error message

My guess is new drive isn't seen yet. however a ctrl sn=xxxx pd all show detail reports the new drive is on line


Can some one tell me what are the proper steps are to migrate an existing 3 drive raid 5 array to 4 drive raid 6 array?


I'm running linux so the gui acu isn't an option.   thanks

Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Help with ACUCLI commands

>all I get is a error message


What was the message?


Re: Help with ACUCLI commands

Once you have physically installed the drive, you must add the drive to the Array.

In the gui they call it expand the array.


When the new disk is added to the array, it will redistribute the data to all 4 disks.

Whe the expantion has finished you can do the RAID level migration.





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todd bailey

Re: Help with ACUCLI commands

When I added the drive to the array, it started  migrating from a 3 drive raid 5 array to a 4 drive raid 5 array.

This wasn't what I wanted and had to wait over 24 hours before I could start over


the command I used was


ctrl sn=xxxxxxx ld 3 add  drives 3:12   (I forget the actual n:n values but it was the only new drive in the list)


The command I tried to use to alter the array was

  ctrl sn=xxxxxx logicaldrive 3 modify raid=6



Can some one provide a command example to add the drive and modify the array to raid 6 ?