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Loading Windows Server 2016 on Proliant UEFI

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Loading Windows Server 2016 on Proliant UEFI

I finally gave in and called HP support. Here is the answer for those of you in a similar situation.

I have a Proliant ML110 that I need to install Server 2016 on. In this case, I am not using a Hypervisor. I was really tempted though.

The ISO for Windows server 2016 is too large to burn on a DVD.

Intelligent Provisioning only reads USB drives formatted with FAT32. You cannot write a file to FAT32 larger than 5GB. There is a file in the ISO larger than 5GB.

I could not for the life of me get a USB drive to boot while in UEFI mode. Yes, I followed the guide on HP's web site. Still, no dice. It will boot in legacy mode rather than UEFI, but then I have no hard drive array! The USB drive booted fine on an old desktop computer.

The solution involves using the iLO remote console. I had actually tried that before, but could NOT mount an ISO image because that requires an advanced license.

The HP tech had me install a license code for a 60-day trial of Advanced iLO. That let me mount an iSO from my PC and all is well. Now, the question going through my head is: what happens three years from now when I want to reload the OS for some reason? Will I be able to get another trial license?

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Re: Loading Windows Server 2016 on Proliant UEFI

if this is the only solution I would consider to save an image of the system now and keep it for future use.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Loading Windows Server 2016 on Proliant UEFI

Hi Fourspeed,


Thanks for the tip!

- I am wondering what generation of ML110 you have?

- Did you find Windows Server 2016 drivers to your computer or did you go without problems with Windows Server 2012R2 drivers?

- I am asking this because I have myself a DL120G7 and cannot find any official support for Windows Server 2016 ( my thread here )



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Re: Loading Windows Server 2016 on Proliant UEFI

ML110 G9

HP's support site has 2016 drivers for this server.


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Re: Loading Windows Server 2016 on Proliant UEFI

Hi Fourspeed,


Thanks for your fast reply!



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Re: Loading Windows Server 2016 on Proliant UEFI

Hello colleague

I understand what you happened, look at the HP compatibility matrix and my ML30 server, it indicated that it works with VMware ESXi 6.5 U2, 6.7 U3 and 7, however when I tried to install them I could never see the disk array, due to a driver issue , I downloaded the customized HP ISO for ESXI that came with the driver, however it didn't work either.

I checked over and over again the matrices and characteristics of my components without understanding the error, so I gave up and created a case in HP, they spoke to me by chat and I ended up configuring the iLO, then they told me that ESXI did not have raid support, to install Windows Server 2016/2019, they sent me the link with the driver, I downloaded it, extracted and copied it to a USB formatted in fat32, and finally the OS network load from an ISO that you have on your PC due to its size, and when you get to the point where it doesn't recognize the raid, you insert the USB and load the driver, with this the installation begins (imagine how slow), and that would be. ..

HPE Smart Array S100i SR Gen10 SW RAID Driver for Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, and Windows Server 2019

The truth is that I was not satisfied, that is why the support guy told me to try with Hyper-v 2019 to manage VM which was the initial end of the server, if I will have to try again as a lesser evil, but another day, I was quite tired with the issue hahaha, have a nice day guys!