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Locate network card port - DL380 G6/7

Occasional Contributor

Locate network card port - DL380 G6/7


Hi, does anyone know a method or tool (command line) which can find out which port  a Local Area Connection X is using?


Our DL380's have 4 onboard NIC's and 2 x dual port NIC's - so 8 altogether.  After teaming (there are more NICs created) I need to rename the NIC (LAC name) according using batch or powershell - so onboard card 0 is named one thing, PCIe slot 5 port 1 is another - so the need to identify the ports is essential.

I have parsed the output of HPNETSVY in powershell but not keen on this method (as changing the NIC's or PSP with an updated HPNETSVY might make this fail).


Appreciate any help