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Logging of ASR Service

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Logging of ASR Service


I have a problem on ML350 G5 server that, sometime ... in random day, was restarted by ASR service during the night ... in the event viewer of windows, when ASR restart server, there are nothing of abnormal ( I find only critical error of ASR ) ... In HP Prolinat Integrated Management Log Viewer I find only the ASR Critical Event and nothing else ... When ASR restart, server running backup procedures with Symantec Backup Exec 11 ( I have written also in Symantec forum ) ... there is a method to have detailed information about why ASR restart server ?
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juan quesada
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Re: Logging of ASR Service


Auto self recovery is triggered by the Hardware Watch dog timer, basically is a clock counting and if it reaches its limit (default 10 min) it forces the server to re-start .
In ideal conditions this clock never reaches 1 second because the server is contansly sending reset signals to it (severals per second.

If the operating system is not hanging, it may be possible that you have hardware malfuntion or firmware corruption that is making the clock go up to 10 min, my first recommendation will be to download FW-CD 8.60 and force a flash of firmware for the entire server, additionally update ILO managment driver and chipset driver.