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Logic Volume Partition and RAID

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Logic Volume Partition and RAID

If I install the Linux (such as SUSE Linux 10 server edition) on HP server DL380, with Logic Volume (LV) partition implemented, can I also implement the Hardware based RAID?

(It seems to me SUSE Linux 10 Desktop edition may not allow this. But not sure about the server edition.).

Thanks to help.

Miika T
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Re: Logic Volume Partition and RAID

I don't see any restrictions why you couldn't use hardware raid. I have done this with Redhat several times, but you need to configure the hardware raid/smart before installig the os. Use LVM or whatever system after that. If our linux distribution support Smart raid driver, then there's no problem.

What information you have about SUSE desktop editions and not supporting hardware raid?

Sivakumar TS
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Re: Logic Volume Partition and RAID

Dear Scott,

The RAID(hardware) is totally independent of operating system and when you create a RAID and present it to the OS ( irrespective of wether linux/unix/even windows), the OS would see as a single disk and it will handle it as a separate single harddisk.

Hence it should not be a problem to have both simultanoes in Linux.

With Regards,

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Re: Logic Volume Partition and RAID

Hi Siva,
But you should have the driver for the purticular array controller

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