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Logical Disk Time Performance Failed

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Logical Disk Time Performance Failed

SNMP Trap: 19008

Date time: 05/06/2008 06:03:40 PM
Computer: xxxxxx
Source: Foundation Agents
Type: Error
Category: (4)

A 'Logical Disk Time Performance Failed' alarm signifies that this performance property value has exceeded the critical threshold value and is in this state for atleast a period of 15 data collection intervals.

Status 'FAILED'
OS Performance Object Instance Name 'D:'
OS Performance Object Instance 1
OS Performance Object Property Value 100

This error/notification has dogged me for over a year now. It's a SQL develeopment server. Often, when they run intensive queries, this error will spit out.

It's a ML 350 G4p with dual Xeons, 8 G RAM, 15k drives, D: drive is 4 drives in RAID DDG (SQL DB's), SQL log files on a separate pair of hw mirrored drives, os on a separate pair of hw mirrored drives. 6400 controller with split backplane for D & E and a 641 controller for the OS. HP hardware diagnostics show no problem; the server runs fine except for this notification. Updated firmware per HP support, but no joy. Any ideas/thoughts? Don't worry about it?
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Re: Logical Disk Time Performance Failed


have you configured any threshold counters in MS Performance monitor?

Start->Run->Perfmon. Check if under Counters there is something configured(screenshots attached). I think the issue can be reproduced if you stress the HDDs and configure a counter to monitor the logical disk performance counter...

If in performance monitor there is such counter, then it seems logically that you receive the error, else it seems like the foundation agents are monitoring your Drive, even if you don't want that

Updated firmware with CD 8 or of the controller only(with th CD HDD get updated too)?

Found another people on the web with the same problem, I saw you wrote in the microsoft forum too :)

the problem seems to be only related to the foundation agents.

Anyway, do you have the latest foundation agents installed?

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Re: Logical Disk Time Performance Failed