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Logical Drive Not Visible

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Logical Drive Not Visible

I have a new ML 110 Gen 10 server.  2 physical drives on which I have created a single array with 2 logical drives.  One smaller logical drive for the operating system, one large drive for data.  

I used the HPE SMB setup for the operating system which is Windows Server 2019 Standard.  It was correctly installed on the smaller logical drive, but the larger logical drive is not visible to the operating system.  

I've checked in Disk Management with no luck.  I've also used the HPE storage tools to verify that the logical drive is online and has no errors.

Any help on this would be appreciated


Re: Logical Drive Not Visible


Please provide answers to the below,

1. What is the controller model in the server, is it the onboard or PCI controller

2. What is SMB that was used for installing the OS.

3. What is the HPE storage tool that was used to check the status of the logical drives

4. Did you check for RAW partition in the Disk Management

5. Is it posible to share any logs from the server

Please reply with an update

Thank you

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