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Logical Drive Ready For Rebuild

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Logical Drive Ready For Rebuild

I have reinstalled a old proliant DL380 G3 with 6 18Go hdd.
the firmware version of the SA 5i is 2.62 the OS is win 2003.
in fact in the past I had a ML530 with a logical drive composed of 7 drives, 6 of them are 10k rpm and 1 is a 15k rpm.(because in france when a 18gb 10k rpm is hs, HP replace it by a 18gb 15k rpm with the carepack)
the ML530 used Netware 4.

when I installed the DL380, I use the 6 18gb 10k rpm of the ML530.(the other is for spare)
It works during 1 year, unfortunatly 1 hd stop to work last week.(with a lot of time-out).

I put the 18gb 15k rpm but insight and acu indicate that the Logical Drive is Ready For Rebuild.

I have tried to put this disk in another server and create a logical drive without problem.
I have removed the logical drive and put the disk in the dl380g2 and the status stay the same.
how to rebuid this drive?

Oleg Koroz
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Re: Logical Drive Ready For Rebuild

Every scenario deferent however try next:

Make sure Latest ACU installed and SCSI driver
Power down server
Pull 15 k drives out
Power Up and accept option to mark missing HDD as failed
Boot server from firmware CD 7.60 and Update firmware for all remaining HDD and SA if needed
Restart Server without HDD
Add HDD when OS completely loaded
Launch ACU and Refresh and Verify status for Array

If problem still exist someone have to verify ADU report for you
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Re: Logical Drive Ready For Rebuild

Hello Holeg

I have tried to do this but the integrated sa5i can't rebuild the raid.

To solve my problem, I have connected an old sa 3200 and connected the drives on it.
Windows can't boot because the driver is different.
I choose to boot on the smart start cd and I wait.
the sa3200 rebuild the logical disk...
afert, I remove the sa3200 and connect disks on the 5i and now, it works.

maybe it's a bug on the sa5i

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Re: Logical Drive Ready For Rebuild

Can you post an ADU please??
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Re: Logical Drive Ready For Rebuild

Try reseating the SCSI backplane and cables...

Firmware is OK, 2.62, the only reason for a SA-Controller to not rebuild a drive is when another drive is having errors on the same array, if those errors are comunication errors, reseating the backplane may fix them, if not, the further troubleshooting is needed.

Like Jorge Aragon said, place and ADU report to help you find it out, what kind of errors are you having, but, run ADU after reseating the backplane so you don't have to wait for the ADU report analisis to know that you have to reseat the backplane and cabling..

Since you were able to rebuild this drive into another server, I think that most probably this is what is happening, communication issues are causing the timeouts..

Once you run ADU, look for "Pred Fails" or "Bus Faults" on any HDD besides the failed one. Use Notepad and its "ctrl+F" function.

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Re: Logical Drive Ready For Rebuild

In fact when the logical drive is rebuilt,
I reconnect the SA 5i,it works 1 or 2 hours
and the server became very slow.
It's the same problem than before I change the HD.
I see the access led light during 30 sec or 1mn and after, no activity during the same time, and so on...

during the period when we have the problem,we see the value of "Command Latency" at more than 500000/10000 sec (50 sec).
This morning,I have installed the windows driver for the SA3200, I have disabled the internal SA5i and connected all drives ont the SA3200.
the server works during this morning without problem, the "Command Latency" stay between 40/10000 and 120/10000.

I think that the SA5i is out of order