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Logical Drives on Smart Array Controllers

Oliver Klauss
Occasional Visitor

Logical Drives on Smart Array Controllers

Hi to all,

I have messed arond with my Proliant ML370 and a Smart Array 3200. Is there any chance to boot from logical drive number 2 or 3 ?
Doug de Werd

Re: Logical Drives on Smart Array Controllers

Assuming that you can still boot to Windows, you can change the boot.ini file to give you the option to dual (or triple boot) during startup. You would need to copy the [operating systems] line, and then edit it to point to a different partition or disk.

A sample line looks like this:
[operating systems]
scsi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\winnt = "Windows NT" /NODEBUG C:\ = "Windows 2003"

Change the "disk" if it is a different SCSI LUN (this is probably what you want). Change "rdisk" if it is a different physical disk. Change "partition" if it is a different partition on the same disk.

You might find some useful info here:;en-us;314081;en-us;317526

Hope this helps.


Expert in ProLiant Clusters
Oliver Klauss
Occasional Visitor

Re: Logical Drives on Smart Array Controllers

Hi Doug,

thank's for the answer, but that's the point
I can't boot windows from the first disk.
To give a better detail on my problem:

Initial Configuration:
Array A (2x 9.1 GB Raid 1)| Logical drive 1 (8 GB Winboot), Logical drive 3 (1 GB NTFS Data)

Array B 3x 9.1 GB RAID 5 |Logical drive 2
(18 GB NTFS Data)

I upgraded Array 1 to 36 GB disks and extended Array B with one of the free 9.1 GB ones. I deleted Logical 2 and created a new one from the remainder of the 36 GB Array 1.

After some booting and playing arround with the arrays I ended up with the RAID 5 being logical drive 1 and the mirror hosting Logical drive 2 and 3. I can't recall how that happend, though, but I fear it has something to do with the service partion I forcibly removed from the RAID 5. I received the Service Partion after the extension of that array.

Now I have a way out. I smashed the RAID 5 after backing it up on tape. I created 2 9.1 GB mirrors, one being Logical drive 1 the other one being logical drive 4, then I smashed logical drive 1 and extended logical drive 4 and migrated this mirror to RAID 5 level, maintaining its logical drive number.

Since I can't bring an HP server to boot from logical drives other then the first, at least there's no way I know of, I think this is the only way to boot from logical drive 2.

The best solution would be a tool or an extension of the ACU to rearrange Arrays or Logicl drive numbers.