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Logical drive failed raid 0

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Logical drive failed raid 0

I’ m having HP DL380 G7 server, after restart not booting windows 2003, please help to get my data back



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Re: Logical drive failed raid 0

RAID 0 does not provide protection: it provides improved performance/capacity only.


When you use a RAID 0 set, your data is distributed to all the disks in stripes of fixed size. For example, if the stripe size is 8 kB, the first 8 kB of any files goes to one disk, the second 8 kB to another, etc. In a two-disk RAID 0 set, this means that if one of your disks fails, all your files sized larger than (stripe size * number of disks in the array) will definitely have a set of stripe-sized chunks missing from it.


And for added headache, this happens to filesystem metadata too. If parts of the filesystem metadata are missing, it becomes impossible to find the files from the disk in the normal way.


For this reason, when a RAID 0 array fails, the normal recommendation is to restore from backup: if one of the disks is completely dead, anything you recover  from the other disks will have parts of data missing (unless you only need a file that is smaller than the stripe size and are extremely lucky).


If you don't have a backup and your data is critical, contact data recovery professionals before trying anything yourself.