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Logical volume from B120i to P420

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Logical volume from B120i to P420


I have a ML380e gen8 v2 with two raid1 logiacal volumes on B120i, running esxi 5.5u1. Disk I/O is sluggish so I want to move the logical volumes to P420 controller. 

I also have a test indentical machine ML380e gen8 v2 that is curently running the P420 controler. I know that smart arrays can be moved from hp controlers to other hp controlers just based on the RIS info on disks. I tested that on a test esxi installation on test machine with the P420. I move the SAS cable from onboard B120i to P420 and vise versa with no problem at all, machine boots fine but I dont want to just move the drives from server to server or add the P420 to production server and plug the SAS cable on the controller because if something goes wrong I dont want to spend the weekend restoring the guests.

My scenario in mind for the operation is the following

First is to take only one disk from the first logical volume from the first server and plug it on the test server with the P420. It will probably read the logical volume with one disk missing. This scenario probably needs to plug the P420 on production server first and boot it for the esxi to load the drivers or run the esxi installer again and upgrade esxi installtion keeping vmfs on new server. 

After succesfull boot of new server I will repeat with one disk from second volume and then I will add all disks for the volumes to rebuild in new server. 

What do you think for the above scenario?

I found that I have the best performance with P420 and esxi 5.5u3 and latest Proliant service pack. I haven't tryied esxi 6.X. What is the best performance combination according to your experience?

Thank you in advance