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Logon Problem

Asif Bashir
Occasional Contributor

Logon Problem


I have a BL25p running windows 2003 SE. I have two Teamed NIC's which are on different Vlan's.

The problem i have is that when the backup nic is enabled it causes problems with me remotley loging onto the server via TS or remote desktop. Log on takies for ever or fails.

As soon as i disable one of the teamed nic's, i can log on immediatly.
Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: Logon Problem


Can you possibly detail your network configuration a bit more...?

What you've written appears to be confusing...

That said, is it possible that when the backup NIC is enabled that the server then has two default gateways so the OS doesn't know which it should be using to get back out to your remote desktop client...

Hope this helps,