ProLiant Servers (ML,DL,SL)

Long term HP customer very frustrated


Long term HP customer very frustrated

I'm a bit frustrated at this point. Despite some really excellent advice, this problem is still a problem:

Can anyone lay out my options?  Is the only way I can get support to rectify these blinking light by purchasng a contract?  The equipment is working fine as far as any diagnostics goes and the one crash that happened may have not been linked to this, but the hard drives listed keep blinking blue, which blocks my ability to see whether they are working correctly since the lights are always blinking blue.  (No, they aren't selected to identify in any of the utilities.) Currently, we are just ignoring the problem as we don't seem to have any other options, but obviously, I'd like a better solution. Can someone layout if I have any options shy of purchasing a conract?