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Looking for ACU / SmartStart for DL185 G5 server

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Looking for ACU / SmartStart for DL185 G5 server

I've got a storage server (HP Proliant DL185 G5) running Windows Storage Server 2003 64-bit that had a hard disk go bad (disk 5 of 8).  It caused the server to go down and reinserting the drive allowed it to come up again.  I was thinking this was a firmware problem, but it turns out that Slot 1 Disk 5 was bad.  Now the server has gone down and give a 1716 POST error from the P800 controller, which recommends backup and restore and will not automatically write the saved data to a new disk. 


This server shipped with a restore disk, manual and ILO disk, but none of them will work.  The restore disk loads the ROM Pak, then fails sometime after loading it all and before starting Restore.  The server the reboots and we start over.  All versions on ACU and SmartDisk that I've tried haven't been compatible with the DL185 or P800.  Does anyone know what version of ACU I can use to reconfigure the P800 to be able to start on my server restore?


Thanks for the help. 

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Re: Looking for ACU / SmartStart for DL185 G5 server

Looks like controller failure has occured on the server along with the failed hard drive and that is why you are not getting the smart start /ACU to get the controller working, It is not the issue with the ACU or the smart start, if you have a spare cache or a controller swap them around to confirm if cache is contributing to the failure or if the controller itself is faulty

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Re: Looking for ACU / SmartStart for DL185 G5 server

It could be know bug of P800 controller, please update controller to latest available firmware.