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Looking for SE326m1 bios upgrade

Occasional Contributor

Looking for SE326m1 bios upgrade

Hi to all,


I have got a SE326m1 running Proliant system Bios R02 (july 2010) 


I'm looking for a rompaq bios to upgrade this SE326m1 and fix the ipmi security issue open in 2013. Unfortunately, this model isn't listed on HP support center website and bios doesn't exist on SPP DVD.


The motherboard 583736-001 is shared with number of systems (SE1220, X1600 G2, ...). I find rompaq bios cp021345.exe for X1600 G2.


Is it compatible or not ? Is it a proliant system bios ? is it possible to install it within a USB Key ?



Valued Contributor

Re: Looking for SE326m1 bios upgrade

Hello Glem,


I'm not sure if the Bios update will fix the IPMI Issue (don't know which specific issue are you talking about); you should try iLO (management) firmware instead.


cp021345.exe seems to be only for the x1600 and x1600 g2 so I don't think will work, even if different servers have same  the same mother board probably the personality will change according to the serial/product number registered in the bios.


HP  should have a Bios update for this server SE326m1 but as it's a SE Server (Special Edition) it's possible that you need special permissions to  access documentation and downloads. Call HP and check it out. 


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