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Looking for info about iLO installation errors

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Looking for info about iLO installation errors

I recently attempted to upgrade the iLO version on one of my DL380p G8 servers.  I attempted to install from the iLO 2.55's CP032620.scexe installation file but it failed with a return code of '7' without any associated error text.  Subsequent attempts to upgrade the iLO version were successful, however.  In an effort to be thorough, I'm looking for some indication of what would trigger a return code of '7'.  Also, I noticed a slew of the following errors in syslog:

hpilo 0000:01:00.2: Open could not dequeue a packet

I see these errors in other places, so I'm not sure it's related, or if it can be safely ignored.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Looking for info about iLO installation errors

Not sure if it's the case, but when I was updating ilo on a few of my servers I found I couldn't skip version upgrades. I had to do each one seperately. After running into similar problems upgrading my vmware hosts I found that I had to go thru the pain of doing each version by itself to get to the latest. Yeah it was a pain, but finally worked fine.
Hope that helps!


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Re: Looking for info about iLO installation errors

depending on ILO hatdware version - ILO4 in this case - sometimes are steps needed. for ILO 4 it was version 1.40, if i remember correctly.

You probably need to check if you are affected by the NAND issue ...

if a step is needed, it is written in the related notes, otherwise you can use the latest version directly.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Looking for info about iLO installation errors

Thanks for taking the time to respond.  The installation instructions on the HP site were very basic - download the *.scexe file and run it.  I was stepping up from the 2.44 version.  Most of the time the upgrade application runs fine and installs the firmware update.  However, I have run into the error on occasion.  Can you point me to online information about the NAND issue so that I can check?  

Again, thanks in advance.