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Looking to replace SAS RAID 1 with SSD

Occasional Contributor

Looking to replace SAS RAID 1 with SSD

Hi All


Looking to replace the SAS drives for the OS Volume (RAID 1 - Windows 2008 Server) and was wondering about which SSD drives would work on a HP Proliant ML350 G6 / Smart Array P410i.  The reason being that we have had a couple of problems with MFT corruption on the C: drive though the drives themselves indicate no issues, are defragged each week and don't hold any fileshares or Exchange / SQL db's.


How are Kingston / Crucial / Samsung SSD's on the ML350's?  I have a HAVM cluster running their OS from Crucial M4's on Proliant ML110 G6's at another site, and has been solid over the period.  Any experience / thoughts / recommendations?

Jan Soska
Honored Contributor

Re: Looking to replace SAS RAID 1 with SSD


generally all ssd will work, but your solution will be unsupported from HP, you loose some enterprise features like wear monitoring/ leveling without working trim etc...

To be fully supported, you have to use HP ssd's mentioned at P410i quickpesc:

There is pleanty of MLC and SLC drives suitable for heavy server workload.


Of course, prepare MUCH bigger budget than by using common consumer ssd's like Crucial M4. It is up to you / your budget, if you do not choose HP originals, go to new Intel ssd DC S3700 - very suitable to work without trim in heavy workload enviroment. (