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Looking up server specs...

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Looking up server specs...

We have a few ProLiant DL servers here and I want to look up the specs for each specific server. I have the serial numbers and PID numbers for each server. Is there a way I can look up the specs for each server on HP's website?
James ~ Happy Dude
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Re: Looking up server specs...

Hello Ryan,

R U referring to quick specs ??
Just type the initial letters... ML110 ... etc

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Re: Looking up server specs...

I am actually looking for the exact specifications that the specific servers have. I want to look it up by serial number or similar if possible. Each server has the same basic hardware, but it could have had more RAM, faster CPU, etc. added to it.

We are making an inventory of the exact hardware that is in each server.
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Re: Looking up server specs...


if you want to know what the server has you need to run tyhis utility:

HP Insight Diagnostic Online Edition, you can find it on HP System tools (for windows environment)

once there
Survey Tab
-> View level
-> Categories

playt around with them so you will discover the information about your server

memory, CPUs, cards and so on

see the attached file

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