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Lost Lun from HP smart 420 controller

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Lost Lun from HP smart 420 controller

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For the past day i have been looking for information on Recovering a RAID 5 with 4 drives on a HP smart array 420(i)

LUN 1 : (Slot 1,2,3,5) has a logical Raid 5 with 3TB drives.                   LUN 2 : RAID+1  with 2 drives Slot 4,6


What i was trying to accomplish: remove 1 LUN (RAID+1  with 2 drives Slot 4,6)  and Inserted one 6TB drive into Slot 6 and then (place a 3TB in slot 4 and expand my existing RAID 5 i never even placed the new 3TB drive)


Steps i took were:   

I shut down the pc

pulled 2 drives  out slot 4 and 6

placed a 6TB drive in slot 6 and left out slot 4.

Powered on Server, went to 420 controller config (F8), and i didn't see it say anything about deleting drives only to create a new LUN, and No logical drives were found.  It just seemed to be like a New config.  I created a RAID 0 with the 6TB drive and rebooted.


im hoping that someone can point me in a direction to the smart 420 controller specs or something and see if we can rescan these drives, or out how to recover the drives.

The drives have not been removed.


Anything that you can point me to or help me out on would be greatly appreciated.