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Lost drive info

René Tessier
Occasional Advisor

Lost drive info

Error message in boot up:
Drive position appear to have been changed.
Run Array Diagnostic Utility (ADU) if previous positions are unknown. Then turn system power off and move drives to their original positions.

THe drives have not changed in the bays, but the SCSI cable was not connected to proper Array controller after a MBoard change.

How can I get my logical drive info back withour restoring from Tape?

Re: Lost drive info


If you already checked everything is properly connected and the HDDs are in the right place you should had the following error message on the next boot up:

F1 - continue with logical drive disabled or F2 - Accept Data Loss and reactivate logical drive.

You will have to press the F2 option. A little data corruption may be present if the controller was processing information at the time of the first error.

If the first error continue you may wanna ckeck again if everything is properly seated and connected to the right place.

Hope this will be useful.

René Tessier
Occasional Advisor

Re: Lost drive info

THanks, but managed to get this issue resolved last night.

I decided to take the chance to lose everything and went in the array config utility and create new arrays and logical drives.

To my surprise rather than losing all data, it rebuilt the parity and all data became available and i could reconnect them in Windows. I had tought of doing this earlier, but kept it as a last resort because last full backup was Friday and the failure happened monday at lunch. Could have had users working on the weekend and some worked moday morning. I was keeping the restore as the last option.