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Re: MIBs for HP Proliant DL

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MIBs for HP Proliant DL

Hi !


I'm working for a french company, INERIS, and most of our servers are HP Proliant. Please don't be too hard on my english !


I'm trying to use What's UP to get criticals informations on our servers such as power supply failure, fan failure, etc... But this is the first time I'm working on this kind of things and I'm a little bit lost. SNMP v3 is working fine, and I already get informations about CPU, memory, ping, etc, but I can't find the MIB OID about power supply (for example) in the MIB browser included in What's UP.

Do you have something like a knowledge database about the MIB of your Proliant so I can easily find the OID of every stuff I want to get informations about ?


I already downloaded your MIB package on your website and added them to the What's UP's database.


I hope I've made myself clear, I'm not at 100% confident about my english ! :)


Thanks !

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Re: MIBs for HP Proliant DL

Here you go 

Power supply OID

OID checked for status degraded (3) or failed (4): cpqHeFltToPwrSupplyCondition (


Also please find the attached document which has the rest of the OIDs listed , hope this has helped you

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Goutham Sabala
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Re: MIBs for HP Proliant DL

Thanks a lot for your really quick and useful answer !


I now got the MIB, but no value in it, I think I still have to dig to figure out what's wrong !



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Re: MIBs for HP Proliant DL

Sorry, i know this is quite old post. But i am also stuck in the same situation.

Can you please show or post the commands or if you can tell how to simulate SNMP Traps tor the receiver successfully. I am able to see the trap with Net-SNMP examples, but if i try from the traps define in MIB's, i cant see. I need simulate some alerts for testing like CPU Power failure or temerature exceeds threshold etc. I am searching from almost a week but couldnt find proper solution to simulate. Do i really need HP SIM? I am only only Net-snmp using (SNMPTRAP/SNMPD.conf) etc.