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ML 110 G5, virtualization support or not?

Gudjon Jonsson
Occasional Visitor

ML 110 G5, virtualization support or not?

I wish to use an Ml 110 G5 server as virtual machine server using Windows Server 2008 core.

My HP dealer says that ML110 does not support virtualization, but I do not agree. They refer to this page:

But in the specification for ML 110 G5 one can see that the chipset (Intel 3200) does support the CPU capable of virtualization.

And the CPU I am thinking of is the Intel x3210:

What I am thinking is to run Server Core with Hyper-V and two virtual machines, one would be Server core web edition and second would be Web edition.

Can anyone see something wrong with this configuration and if so then why?
Jimmy Vance

Re: ML 110 G5, virtualization support or not?

Just because a chipset is capable of supporting certian features, doesn't mean that the feature is available in the system ROM.

That being said, the Windows 2008 support matrix does NOT list the ML110 G5 as supported for Hyper-V.

The support matrix for Windows 2008 R2 and Hyper-V R2 lists the ML110 G5 as supported.

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Gudjon Jonsson
Occasional Visitor

Re: ML 110 G5, virtualization support or not?


Thank you.
This would mean that if I use R2 version of Server 2008 I can use Hyper-V. As long as my CPU supports virtualization?

If it's supported for any OS then there should be an option to enable it in BIOS?

Am I correct?