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ML 110 Gen 10 and ESXi

Mike Fisher_7
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ML 110 Gen 10 and ESXi

Hello all.  I recently bought a new ML110 Gen 10 server and am trying to install ESXi 6.7 on it.  I have loaded the newest BIOS and IP 3.20 on the server.  When I use the intelligent provisioning, it shows it is going to install fine, but it alwasy errors out after it reboots and goes to do the actual install.  I found a workaround to bypass a USB driver that is new that seems to cause issues, but even after that, it tells me that it can't find any storage, even though I have 4 drives installed and have them set as 2 RAID 1 sets.  I have even tried to go as far and setting the BIOS to ACHI instead (which the server is really not happy with) and it still says it fails.  I am using the newest HP ESXi installer iso that says Gen 9 and forward, so I can't figure out why this is happening.  I have  read a few things that say the SW RAID will only work with Windows, but why would there be a driver for ESXi that you can download if it won't work?  Thanks.

Jimmy Vance

Re: ML 110 Gen 10 and ESXi

WHile I don't work with ESXi, I can say the driver you can download for ESXi 6.x is the 'smartpqi' driver whaich is for the 'P' and 'H' series Smart Array controllers, not the embedded SATA S100i controller.  

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