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ML 150 G6 Vsphere

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ML 150 G6 Vsphere

Have one installed Vsphere on the ML150 G6?
Why it is only showing one Nic where it has 2 ports nic installed?

here is the output:
[root@esx01 825]# esxcfg-nics -l
vmnic2 04:00.00 tg3 Up 1000Mbps Full 00:25:b3:82:ed:ca 1500 Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5723 Gigabit Ethernet

and according to hp site:

it clearly stats it supports ESX 4.0.

Both of the rear panel Nic lights are ON, but one of nic light isn't On on the front panel.
I have set BMC in bios to shared or dedicated, but still getting one NIC in esx.
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Re: ML 150 G6 Vsphere

This puzzled me for a while, too but I think it all comes down to confusion about what is shared and what is dedicated. After reading the documentation carefully, I cam to the conclusion that only ONE port is available for use as normal NIC, the other is solely a management port.
However, it seems that is possible for the LO100 to be configured to use either its own port (dedicated) or to share the other port with the server NIC (shared) thus needing only one cable to be connected to the server.
If you really do need dual-NIC capability I believe you will need to install another card.