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ML 310 G3 accesability problems

Dana Roza
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ML 310 G3 accesability problems

I have a ML310 G3 setup with windows 2003 enterprise server for a small company that is used as a basic file server, email/spam filter and internet gateway using eTrust Secure Content Manager, and small web server using IIS. I have 4 sata 250gb drives as 2 RAID 1 arrays. When using windows explorer, or any other program that accessed the files on the server, the programs hang for 1 to 2 minutes at a time, only doing this 9 or 10 times a day. Windows is up to date, all HP software and drivers are up to date, eTrust SCM is up to date. I have noticed the Disk queue times skyrocket when the file access problems occur. As far as I can find, the sata raid hardware is Adaptec AHCI Serial ATA HostRAID, with drivers dated 7/29/05 version I can't find anything on this on adaptecs website to update the drivers for the controller. Any other suggestions that may resolve this problem? Thanks in advance.
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Re: ML 310 G3 accesability problems


You can try updating the driver and the firmware for the controller from the following link,

if its the embeded SATA controller, the driver link is as follows :