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ML 330 SCSI and IDE Drives

Jason Williams_8

ML 330 SCSI and IDE Drives

I have an ML330 Tower with the hot-swap drive cage and Adaptec SCSI card installed. I have the OS (Windows 2k Server) running on the SCSI drives. I want to install a large IDE drive for additional storage, but Windows is not detecting the IDE drive as installed.

Will the SCSI drive and IDE play nice together? Do I need to activate something in the BIOS to get the system to recognize the attached IDE drive?

Any information would be appreciated.

Ian Vaughan
Honored Contributor

Re: ML 330 SCSI and IDE Drives

Which Gen ML330 is it?
IIRC the scsi version of the ML330 has only a basic understanding of IDE because of its firmware & supports cdrom but not big modern IDE disks?
Is there a supported PCI IDE/SATA controller you can throw at it?

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Axel Jacobs
Occasional Visitor

Re: ML 330 SCSI and IDE Drives


I think we have almost the same problem. I have a ML350 PIII 600Mhz with array controler 221, poeple helped me understanding the problem. Maybe you could look to my question and the answers.

Proliant ML350 IDE HDD Problem
Jason Williams_8

Re: ML 330 SCSI and IDE Drives

I answered my own question. Axel, if you haven't found your solution yet, this should help.

I was playing around in the BIOS, I pressed F10 during boot and went into the system settings. Under PCI Controllers (I think that was the section), there was a PCI IDE controller that was disabled. I enabled it and left the IRQ the default, and left the SCSI controller as my default boot device. When I rebooted, it detected the IDE controller. I had to download and install a driver for it, but it works now.