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ML 330E Server Software

Al Ha
Occasional Visitor

ML 330E Server Software

I have recently purchased a couple of ML 330e Servers. These Servers have all been reformatted and no Software provided. When purchasing New Servers they always come with a manufactures disk/s. Is there any downloads available or any software able to be purchased before installing an operating system, either linux or 2003 ?

Honored Contributor

Re: ML 330E Server Software

Hi Al,

You can deploy them with SmartStart and PSP CDs.

Support Matrix (search for ML330e):

Hardware setup:

See these s/w links:〈=en&cc=us&prodTypeId=15351&prodSeriesId=254934&taskId=135

For 2003:

SmartStart 5.50 for ML330e (minimum version):

Use the support matrix chart to determine which PSP version to use with the version of SmartStart you install.

You didn't say which version of linux, so you'll have to follow those links to see what's available.