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ML 350 / 370 clock advances

Jerry Leinsing
Frequent Advisor

ML 350 / 370 clock advances

I check all listing with clock mentioned and nothing is jumping out.

A customer has ML 350 in Central time zone mysteriously jumps ahead 6 hrs randomly when booted. After boot we get the correct time from a Telco phone switch and then the system appears normal for awhile.
Running 5.0.7 UNIX
If I set the system clock and the (RTC) realtime clock using
"date -t 200508261503.45; /etc/setclk -r"
the RTC and the System clock have the same time.
I type setclk -v to show me the times and any difference and the two clocks come back within a second.
I type the date command and it has the current time
I retype the setclk -v and the result comes back with the RTC showing 6 hrs LATER than the system clock.

I just got a call from another customer in Mountain Time Zone and he is having a similar problem but his clock jumps 7 hours ahead.
We are at Eastern Time Zone GMT -5 (not daylight savings)

The are not using NTP on either site. Our product is the only product on the server and we do check the Telco to get the current time. If the battery were failing, I assume we would be behind and not ahead. Someone got ideas?
Fabrice Rafart_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: ML 350 / 370 clock advances


I have a similary problem with a ML370 G2. The RTC clock advances ramdomly about 5 minutes.

(Linux, CET, RTC is keeping in local time)
while :
hwclock --show
sleep 30

For a few minutes, all is OK (almost +2 sec drifts by minutes) then ... + ~ 5 minutes.

I swapped battery with another ML570 G2 which had no problem without solving.