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ML 350 G1 overheating...

Marshall doss
Occasional Advisor

ML 350 G1 overheating...

Server has only one proc 866 MHZ and 4 18 GB HDD's hooked up to a Compaq LC2 array controller.

If I leave the server run overnight the server will reboot and post slot 1 HDD overheat. The drive's are really hot, I can barely touch them. Be in mind the server is idling. It is not running any applications.

There is only one fan in the server towards the rear of the case that is currently pulling air out of the case. I do see additional spots for 3 more fans towards the front of the case.

Questions are:

Do I need more fans to cool the HDD's or is there a bigger issue with the Hdd's being so hot?

If I do need more fans does anyone know the part number for this old server?

Any help is appreciated


Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: ML 350 G1 overheating...

Try to identify, more likely one HDD is going bad and produce enough heat to warm the others.
Let system cool down completely with HDD. Than Power Up for 5 Minutes or so and stop verify if one HDD really hot than others. Most likely drive will fail soon.