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ML 350 G4 Question for you pros

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ML 350 G4 Question for you pros

Here is the deal. I think I'm about to lose my drive

Basic C: (os server+exchange03 std) and D: has my exchange datastores on them. (D: is a ultra 320 36.4 GB scsi C: is 72GB)

I noticed my drive (D:) becomes unmounted in exchange manager. (D:) light still green and active visually while i'm looking at it, so after I hard reboot server (remove and install scsi) it works fine. Mounts and shows up in windows disk manager..etc

Now I know something is wrong here. Controller or SCSI drive is the question? My C works fine. Just my D will not show up in windows disk manager when it un mounts.

Since I know something is about to go, I already made sure everything on D was backed up from weeks ago and today.

Also in the process of getting in another 36.4 shipped here so I can set up a quick array with disk D and raid 1 mirror on it before it goes.

Could this be a controller issue? or disk about to go? Is raid solution feasible?

Isn't there a key combination to get to create array setup also during boot up?

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Re: ML 350 G4 Question for you pros

So, as far as I can see, you have two hard drives, 1 x 72 GB & 1 x 36 GB without any RAID configured. There are two variants in the server as well array & non-array. If yours is the array model, you should have a Smart Array 641 Controller installed as a standard. The server also has an onboard SCSI adapter.

If your hard drives have been connected to the 641 controller (even though RAID not configured), you can check the Array Diagnostic Utility for any errors with the hard drive or controller. Otherwise a look at the System Event Logs for LDM or Disk Management errors can also give clues about the issue. An easy way to find out if the 641 controller is to observe during POST if the controller is initialized.

Anyway, if you would like to mirror the D: drive, you would need the drives to be connected to the 641 controller. During POST, pressing F8 will take you to the Option ROM Configuration of Array (ORCA). Alternatively, if you prefer GUI, you can boot from the Smartstart CD and launch the Array Configuration Utility (ACU), or install ACU from:
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Re: ML 350 G4 Question for you pros

Thanks adric!!!

I checked out the ADU on the server, and the array diagnostic report was empty. I went to the HP system manager and overall system status "no failed or degraded items"

I then checked out insight scan all system hardware...nothing in the diagnose or error logs there.

I checked out event viewer. Only message there was generated my be taking out the Hard disk1, but other than that nothing....this is so weird

I definitely am going to add the extra drive and mirror (thanks for that info..really appreciate it)

How long would you say a nice mirror was take to run (of course I'll have to have users get off system..luckily we are not a huge company)

about 10 hours or so....(I made a error in drive size was the 72 going bad on D ....I said 36.4.

basically I backed up the 32 GB used on the 72. How long to mirror that puppy...10 hours?
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Re: ML 350 G4 Question for you pros

Roughly. Its takes about 12-15 mins for 1GB(theoretically). You may increase the Rebuild PRIORITY in ACU to get this done fast.