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ML 350 G4P Blank Screen after Reboot

Tim Simon
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ML 350 G4P Blank Screen after Reboot

Afer a Reboot the Screen shows a blank screen, the systemindicator-LED ist red and the Server ist beeping.

Then i switch the server off, by pressing the powerbuttom. Then i switch the server on, it boots normaly.

This behavior is temporaly.

In the HP-System-Homepage -> LOGS -> I can see this Warning: Corrected Memorry Error threshold exceeded (System Memory, Memory Module 2). Is it a bad memorymodule, which effect this blank screen after a reboot?

Thx for help.
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Re: ML 350 G4P Blank Screen after Reboot

hi Tim

- check if there is an amber LED next to memory module

- try this swap that memory module to other slot so if the LED follows memory module the LED is bad if the LED stays in the same slot System board is bad. that includes logs I mean if me message log follows memory module memory module is bad ....

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
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Re: ML 350 G4P Blank Screen after Reboot

Happy new Year

I suspect ur memory module is faulty.Run Offline dignostices In 3loops atleast.
Before replacing Ram module clear the NV RAM.Then Insert new Ram & run diagnostic atleast 1ce.If u dont clear the nv ram then u get errors related to module 2 again in the dignostic reports.

In rear cases mother gets faulty.
Ucan try with firmware upgradation.

I face same problem at my cu location
In that case I had replased system board also.In this 350 g4 its a known issue.
In my case Front Internal healt led glow in red light.In the middle of the System Board one led one led near to capacitor also glown in red.

within a 2 month i had replased 4all 4 modules one by one for the same problem.Bcz every time one of the module gets the server is working fine after all modules replacement.

How many modules u Have??If 2 then try to replace both.

Before indenting modules try to boot with single single module so u can get faulty one.
send IML,Sys logs to HP

all the best.