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ML 350 G5 Showing keyboard error

Frequent Advisor

ML 350 G5 Showing keyboard error

Hello all,
Below is a problem description for my ML 350 G5 server

Equipment Description
HP Proliant ML 350 G5 server
OS:- Windows Server 2003 X64

Fault Description
Server not booting up to Windows, just showing keyboard error when running POST and never passes that stage.
Continous noise on the server.
No Amber light on the front Panel LED.

External health LED not showing amber when redundant Power Supply is removed from the server. Also DIMMs, Power Supply units,SCSI Card removed and re-seated but still not working. Several Keyboards were used and even USB keyboards but still given keyboard error. Server also taken to the minimum configuration but not still booting.

I await your response.

Thank you.