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ML 350 G5 Won't boot, amber CPU led.

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ML 350 G5 Won't boot, amber CPU led.



I am looking for some assistance with a server I have in my lab environemnt, it is an HP Proliant ML350 G5 running HP ESXi 5.5 U2 from the internal USB port.


It recently locked up and I had to power cycle it, on the reboot, the server indicated a red internal health LED, and wouldn't boot, no post, no image on the monitor, nothing. The LEDs inside all look healthy except the one by the processor CR16, it is solid amber. I read that this was a faulty CPU, and as such replaced it with a new Xen processor, only to have he same issue.


I have tried removing all but 1 stock of RAM, disconnecting the DVD/CD drive, and replacing hte board's battery.


Anyone have some suggestions on what I can try next?