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ML 350 G5 power on problem

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ML 350 G5 power on problem

i've got an HP MP 350 G5 that died yesterday. The only system board led that is amber is #8 for the PPM2 module, (yes this is a two processor box). If I remove the 2nd processor, and PPM2 module, and try to power on, the system will still not boot or power on, and #8 led on the system board lights up amber. Also smells like some rubber is burning somewhere (so both power supply modules have been replaced too). The PPM2 module was replaced too. same problem, system wont boot, wont power on, and 


I've even stripped down the system board, to just power, and the base 2 memory modules and one processor to see if the system would power on, and no go. Besides clearing the NVRAM any ideas? 

Should I get a system board and new power back plane?


Re: ML 350 G5 power on problem



you did everything right.


Replace both the power supplies along with the power backplane before replacing the system board.


hope this helps,


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Re: ML 350 G5 power on problem

I ended up getting a power back plane and system board. Swapping out just the power back plane, did not fix the problem, the system board still had the same amber light (i think it was number 7 or 8 for the 2nd processor power thing) anyways I swapped out the system board and it booted right up. I just had to run the ssd to get the nic working as well as configure the ilo2.