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ML 350 G5 problem

Dmitry L.
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ML 350 G5 problem


I have a ProLiant ML 350 G5 server
I have some problem with it - often resets without visible reason.

Server has two processors. Earlier (after resets) indication shows that it is a problem in PPM2 module - after reset PPM2 led was amber. OK! I plugged out a PPM2 and second processor, but resets doesn't stops... Resets can occur at any time.
I don't have an OS. I boot from CD and run tests (bonnie++)

Today I tried to turn on a server but it doesn't work at all! Fan2 and PPM2 leds are amber then Fan2 amber dies away, but PPM2 led still amber(why? I plugged out it!). At front panel internal and external health are red.

What is a reason of this all? power supply?


PS: sorry for my English
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Re: ML 350 G5 problem


cal HP there is known issue with power supplies when PPM2 is blinking having or not PPM2

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!