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ML 350 SAS support?

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Sean Hartt
Occasional Visitor

ML 350 SAS support?

I've just got an ML350G5 with an 8 slot 2.5" SAS drive cage. I've also got an Ultrium 448 SAS tape drive. Is there any way to get both sides of the drive cage working with the tape drive in the mix preferably by bridging the cage to all be on the same port of the controller. If I put the splitter cable that came with the tape drive in, the second half of the drive cage is disconnected.
Mark Matthews
Respected Contributor

Re: ML 350 SAS support?

Hi Sean,

The E200i only supports 4 drives per port, hence 2 ports means a max of 8 drives per controller.

Also Smart Array controllers do NOT support tape drives. The only ones that do are the 5i and 6i, but even then I wouldn't do it.

Tape drives need to be on their own (ordinary) SAS / SCSI HBA

Current supported HBAs for this model are here...

Look under 'Storage Controllers / SAS HBAs'

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