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ML 350 fails during full backup

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ML 350 fails during full backup


I have a ml 350 running sbs 2003, incremental backups to a nas box work fine. However full backups persistently crash my server, the server will only respond to pings when crashed, there's no console access and I have to hard power it off.

I'm using shadow protect server for my backups. The bios is out of date, so I'll start by upgrading this.

Any other ideas?

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Re: ML 350 fails during full backup

Did you just started running full backups on this server or was this "shadow protect server" running from before and was running fine?
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Re: ML 350 fails during full backup

It ran normally from the start for a while and then starting to freeze half way through. The only thing I get which is an warning message about raid controller being out of date, so I've decided to upgrade that with the following procedure:

I've downloaded their 955mb HP update firmware dvd (I can't use the online method as I have an old raid controller - e200i)

The procedure I'm following is:

Use the HP usb key utility in conjunction with the DVD youâ ve just burnt to build a bootable usb keyâ oftwareDescription.jsp?lang=en&cc=US&swItem=MTX-3...

Then download the firmware for the hard disks from:â oftwareDescription.jsp?lang=en&cc=us&prodTypeId=3...

Then put this firmware in the following directory:

[usb key drive] \HPFWUP920\hp\swpackages

Run \HPFWUP9xx\autorun.cmd from the usb key

Select firmware update tab, then install firmware link to launch hp smart update manager

Follow GUI

The thing is the server OS is Windows 2003, I've downloaded the updates for multiple operating systems, (linux, 2003,2008, etc), but when I select the HP firmware tab all I see mentioned are linux updates (I specifically downloaded a cp014031.scexe file - which I can't see on my firmware CD).

Is this normal or should I see options on the cd for server 2003?