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ML 370 - 733 Mhz / WinNT4 to W2k3

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ML 370 - 733 Mhz / WinNT4 to W2k3

My config is:
ML 370 733 Mhz
COmpaq Server Setup and Managment Ver 4.70

I am trying to install an uk W2k3 Web server Edition

I can not use the smartstart 4.70, it does not propose the w2k3 os.
I can not upgrade NT4 to W2k3, because it is a french NT4 and an uk W2k3.

So: I have installed w2k3 without SmartStart.
I have download the 4 free cd's for the Version 7.00.

I have installed everything i could from these CDs. (Insight manager 7 sp2)
Create the good cummunity string in snmp

Everything seems to be ok except for
1) some snmp trap which are no recognized with IM 7.0 (Blue point threshold for example)

2) The fan is running too fast. It is very noisy
With Nt4 it used to be regulated with a specific windows soft i think (it was slow down when nt 4 started)

What can i do to prevent fan from running at 100 % ?

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Re: ML 370 - 733 Mhz / WinNT4 to W2k3


Here are a few details for the fan sound issue to be solved

The driver needed to be upgraded
Few threads are

Hope this helps


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Re: ML 370 - 733 Mhz / WinNT4 to W2k3

Thanks for your response but:

I have already installed the Proliant Support PAck for W2k3

I knew for the 2 threads. I read them yesterday. I did not help me.