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ML 370 Failed to boot

Messan Lawson
Occasional Visitor

ML 370 Failed to boot

I have an ML 370 G2 that is failing to boot
because disk 1 is bad.
Disk 0 and Disk 2 are good however windows 2003 installed on the server is not coming up.
How can i get the server to boot from the other disk.
What is the best way to fix and replace drive.
Any internal link and KB is appreciated.
Serial number is D206KF5IK031
Tom Bate

Re: ML 370 Failed to boot

Do you have a RAID configuration? Which drive is the O/S installed on? If no RAID and W2K3 is on Disk 1, then you probably need to reinstall the O/S on a fresh disk.

Try checking the messages on the POST and let us know what you are getting from the array.
Messan Lawson
Occasional Visitor

Re: ML 370 Failed to boot

the eror i get is :Disk 1 failed BD072863B2 nothing else will happen.
I don't have any RAID configured.

Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: ML 370 Failed to boot

usually if no raid by default peoiple install OS to ID0, how it was configured 3 HDD ? if HDD not Hot-Plug disconect ID1 and try once again or it might ask you for F1 input ? what options you see after faulty HDD detected?

... so from POST you don't see any message stated 5i controller or 1 Logical Drive Detected ?
Trusted Contributor

Re: ML 370 Failed to boot

1- Get a replacement with this spare: 289042-001

2- What error are you getting? Where? during windows boot process or POST?

3- Are the HDDs being recognized during POST?

4- What controller is listed during POST? Integrated u320 Dual Channel or? What RAID level if not using the Embedded controller?

5- Have you moved the HDDs positions?

6- The serial # you provided is incorrect.