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ML 370 G3

Rahul Sharma
Frequent Advisor

ML 370 G3

On this box i have to

1. Enable Intergrated Light-out

How can i do this. I tried to Press F9 and looked under PCI devices it shows only IRQ'S no where i could find it to enable.
Please help

Thanks in advance
Honored Contributor

Re: ML 370 G3

Hi Rahul,

How do you know that the ilo (integrated lights out) is disabled?

Reboot the server, during POST check for a message which says "press either F5 or F8 to get into Ilo configuration options". enter into this configuration utility, here you can configure IP, networking info etc, create user accounts, etc.

So, have you got an IP assigned to the interface, can you ping it?can you access the iLO via web browser?

could you make it a bit more clear as to what you are trying to do?are you actually trying to enable/activate advanced license pack for the ilo?

please provide more details and we are willing to assist.

hope it helps and don't forget to assign points:)

Rahul Sharma
Frequent Advisor

Re: ML 370 G3

Hi saket
When the server boots it gives message ILO disabled.
I found something on HP page and i am going to try and see if it works.
Thanks for the help