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ML 370 RAID Failure

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ML 370 RAID Failure

We have a RAID 0+1 (4 X 72 GB Hdd) on Smart Array 641, on HP ML 370 G4.
Disk 1 mirrored to disk 3
Disk 2 mirrored to Disk 4
Those are then striped to get a 142 GB logical drive.

Disks 2 and Disk 4 have failed physically.The RAIOD Controller has been showing the Logical drive information, with the status of two drives being FAILED.
We removed all disks from slot 1 - 4, inserted a new 72 gb disk in last slot and tried re-installing Windows 2003, but it was still displaying the old 142 GB logical drive and would not let us install on a new Logical volume. So we deleted the old Controller NVRAM information and did a new install on the new disk.
After doing so, we re-inserted the old disks in their respective slots, and started the Server. but is does not pick up the old logical drive information anymore, from the old disks.
And the NVRAM information on the RAID Controller too is not there since we deleted it?

Is there any way of restoring the RAID Controller NVRAM Configuration?

Please do HELP
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Re: ML 370 RAID Failure

Hello aaloksharma,

Afaik, the raid information(array and logical volume) information is stored on the disk which means that the action you have performed should'nt have an effect.

Moreover, Raid 1+0 has the same level of fault tolerance as raid 5,single disk failure.

In your case,2 disks were reported to have failed which is clear indication that you may have to rebuild the array.

Caster Troy
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Re: ML 370 RAID Failure

Hi Sharma,
As you mentioned that disk 2 and disk 4 were mirrored and these both reported failure, now these were further striped with disk 1 and disk 3 mirrored. The failure of the drives is the reason that all 4 disks do not have the RAID information. Moreover you have also cleared the NVRAM information from the controller, so, bad news dude, everything seems to be lost. I had a failure in a ML370 G3 with 641 on 1 disk that was striped along a RAID 5 with a mirror of another disk, lucky me, I had a server from another client with same specs and all disks inserted in this server worked successfully, atlast diagnosed that the 641 went mad so i got it replaced but in your case i think it is even worse.
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