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ML 370 auto-reboot once everyday

Carlos Pinho
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ML 370 auto-reboot once everyday

Hi all,

we have a ML370 configured as terminal server. For the last 2 weeks this server started to reebot automaticaly. It used to be once a week, now become once a day :(.
Compaq Log viwer logs "ASR detected by system ROM" and then "POST Error: 1785-Drive Array not Configured". Please see attached print of logs.
In the array configuration utility I have this message: "The current array controller has one or more array accelerator batteries that have either failed or have insufficient voltage.

Array accelerator operations such as Expansion, Extension, and Migration are temporarily suspended until the batteries are charged or in the case of a battery failure, replaced. " Can it be the reason ?
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Re: ML 370 auto-reboot once everyday

I think first you change the battery pack on your Smart array card, and see what happens.
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Chris Saindon
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Re: ML 370 auto-reboot once everyday

Hello Carlos,

Depending on the controller, you may not need to replace the battery.

95% of the time, if you have a 6 series controller this will fix it.

I think you may have 2 issues here. If you have multiple controllers, that may be why you're getting the drive array config message. If you have no array configured on an installed controller, that message makes complete sense. That message is just info at that point.

However, If the array is dropping for some reason this error would come up, but you wil get a blue screen.

Something to try:
Go into the BIOS (F9 after the controller initializes) and disable ASR. This will leave a blue screen up and you can write it down to get a better idea of what is happening. I also recommend running the latest support pack and firmware cd to make sure it's not a simple driver issue or anything like that.

Proliant Support Pack 7.40 (Windows 2000)

Proliant Support Pack 7.40 (Windows 2003)

Firmware Maintenance CD


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Oleg Koroz
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Re: ML 370 auto-reboot once everyday

ML370 G1?
What type of Array controller Used
In some cases Updates are needed and additional reset for Battery and cache accelerator
Carlos Pinho
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Re: ML 370 auto-reboot once everyday

Thankx for you help guys,

ML 370 G3
Smart Array 6400 Controller in Slot 1

I'll try the fix patch for the battery issue and firmware upgrades and see the result of it.