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ML 380 G3

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ML 380 G3

I try to add a second proceesor to the server , a
XEON 2.8 MHz P/N 257915-B21
I attached the CPU to the Heatsink and then try to secure it to the socket but i can not secure it.It comes out very easyliy.I suspect that the cpu is not completely fit into the heatsink but i can not fix it.
Did anyone experienced this difficulty before.

Tom Mucha_1
Trusted Contributor

Re: ML 380 G3

I've had the same problem with some processors. Once I closed the cage, it was secure, so I was happy. Some other forum members said that they called up support and had the processor replaced, and it was much better then.

I'd call up support and just see what they say.
kris rombauts
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Re: ML 380 G3

When a new processor Option Kit is installed, there will be some looseness between the heat sink, thermal pad, and processor. When the system is powered up and the processor heats up, a bond will form between these three components as the adhesive warms up.

Check again after it has been "warmed up" for a while. If however you face issues at bootup (posterror or hnags), make sure you opened the lever (15 -> 135 degrees angle) fully before inserting the CPU.