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ML-570 G4 Power issues

Adam Royds
Occasional Visitor

ML-570 G4 Power issues

Hi all,
I have a problem with an ML 570 G4 server not able to supply enough power to the internal Ultrium 448. The server is dual cpu, 8 x 36Gb U320 15k, Smart Arry controller and the tape drive.
We have replaced both psu's on the server and even replaced the server, so it would seem a major problem.
when i say not enough power, what actually happens is this; server powers up ok, boots into windows, tape drive lights up and seems ok. problenm is when you try to insert a tape in it, it takes it in but then seems to keep loading and unloading the tape. eventually it spits it out and you get the error light lit.
if you pause the server at the bios boot screen it will keep the tape in on 4 out of 5 attempts. As soon as the drives spin up, you've no chance.
Has anyone else has similar problems?
If i fit it into an external enclosure the same tape drive works fine, so it isn't the tape drive.
I also don't want it in an external enclosure so that isn't the fix either.

Anyone with any ideas?