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ML 570 G4 Processors

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ML 570 G4 Processors


We have a ML570 G4 server running Windows 2003 X64 edition Sp1.

The server has 4 dual core Xeon processors.

Server has latest BIOS and has using the latest smartstart support pack at the time (7.8).

Problem is server is showing 16 cpus/cores in task manager, device manager and SQL, instead of 8 we would expect.

Insight manager shows 4 cpus with 2 cores but also shows 16 instances in the performance section.

Only solution we have is to attempt rebuild the server but down time is a problem on it.

Anyone seen anything similar in the past.

Terry Hutchings
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Re: ML 570 G4 Processors

According to Intel, the processors that ship in the current models of the DL580 G4 support hyperthreading. Since this is the case, that would mean you should show two processors (virtual) for each core.
The truth is out there, but I forgot the URL..
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Re: ML 570 G4 Processors

What Terry says is absolutely right. It is definitely due to the processor being dual core & hyperthreaded.

If this bothers you, possibly you can check and see if you have an option to turn of hyperthreading in the RBSU (F9 during POST).

Check the quickspecs for the product number of server & find the CPU series 7000 or 7100. Then check Intel website for the correct specs.