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ML-570 Windows 2000 Server like freeze.

Fernando Alvarez_1
Occasional Visitor

ML-570 Windows 2000 Server like freeze.


I've a problem with my server.

In some times the server like freeze, but after few minutes (9 to 15 aprox) the server is respondig ok!

Then I search for logs in the event viewer and nothing appears!

When this condition occurr the six disk of the array has the lights a full (like a great work to write a disk).

The system has windows 2000 server with support pack 4 in english.


Dpto. Software.
Van Cotoco

Re: ML-570 Windows 2000 Server like freeze.

Hola Fernando:

Two things may be causing this.

1. Your application needs more memory than what you have, causing page swapping.
Use Windows Performance Monitor to check on available memory and paging activity.
Page swapping will cause server slow down.

2. I had seen it on a ML570 where the SMART controller failed after a day of intermittent hang ups. It could be your SMART array controller is about to fail.